Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How to Setup iPhone Personal Hotspot | User Guide

I want to share this iPhone personal hotspot user guide with you. Inside this post, you’ll find a detailed instruction on how to setup it and explanation what this Personal Hotspot is meant for. I am sure you will find it useful and must have.

iPhone personal hotspot [it is also available on Apple tablets] simply turns the gadget you have into a wireless router. You will be able to use its internet connection on other devices. Such an option is often referred to as Wi-Fi hotspot or Internet Tethering. You can also fix WiFi connection if you have some problems before we start.

Travellers like to enable iPhone personal hotspot over WiFi and use it whenever they need to share connection with Mac or other gadgets in places where their iPhone is the only smartphone connected to the World Wide Web.

iPhone Personal Hotspot How To Instruction

Apple fans live all over the world. There are a lot of travelers among them who can badly need internet and can get it from the iPhone. 

Follow this simple guide in order to make the iOS device your wireless router. Just launch Settings and choose Personal Hotspot option. Turn it on and you are done. It’s best if you have set your custom Wi-Fi password so that no one can access your device using WiFi. Stay protected even if you believe no one is there to harm you.

You can now enjoy PC, Mac, iPad or other supported devices being connected to this router and have internet on them. To do so, select the hotspot you have made on the iPhone as your wireless router and use it. You will not notice any difference between using ordinary internet connection or the connection through your iPhone being a wireless router.

Remember to turn your hotspot off through Settings app when you don’t need it any more. Save your battery life.

If you take a look at your smartphone you will see a blue status bar on the screen. It shows that your Personal Hotspot is on and your other gadgets use its internet.

Depending on your iPhone carrier, you get a limit on how many devices can connect to your hotspot at once. Most of them set a limit for 5 devices. If you can’t enable this feature, ask your mobile operator if it supports it or not because not all carriers support this option.

You can see how much data you use through the hotspot by going to General – Usage – Cellular Usage – Cellular Network Data. Enjoy!

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